Aubusson Carved Giltwood Salon Suite with Settee and Chairs
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Aubusson Carved Giltwood Salon Suite with Settee and Chairs

19th Century
Aubusson tapestry with “Fables of La Fontaine” motif
Cm 100 high x 128 wide x 60 deep (sofa)
Cm 96 high x 66 wide x 57 deep (armchairs)

Upholstered in fine Aubusson fabric, this 19th century French three-piece salon suite includes a settee and two matching armchairs.The carved giltwood furniture nicely frames finely woven Aubusson tapestry upholstery playfully illustrated with scènes galantes of flirtatious couples and images of animals inspired by the popular "Fables of La Fontaine" stories. The high level of craftsmanship displayed in this set would have been affordable for aristocracy only, and examples of this furniture are on view in many palace museums throughout Europe.

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