Baccarat Crystal and White Opaline 24-Light Chandelier
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Baccarat Crystal and White Opaline 24-Light Chandelier
19th Century
24 lights
Cm 165 high x 108 diameter
The quadruple tulip-form baluster (or central column) of this lamp is a classical opaline chandelier form, and mimics the shape of a footed flower vase. This form was heavily produced from circa 1840 through the 1870s by Baccarat – as well as by Richardson of England, Moser of the Czech Republic and many of the allied Austro-Bohemian glass houses. The use of exuberant, hanging decorative elements became popular in the Regency period, and really flourished during the Victorian era. A truly rare and excellent example of vintage Baccarat chandelier design, the fact that this fixture retains what appears to be all of its suspended bells and flora-form ornaments as well as the arms that support them, is truly exceptional. This chandelier carries a Baccarat manufacturer's mark on its interior metal frame, as well as stamped inventory numerals. Originally meant for use with candles, the chandelier has been professionally electrified with the addition of exterior wiring and light sockets.
As part of the purchase process, the chandelier will be professionally hand cleaned and and thoroughly checked before delivery. Specialized crating, transport, and installation services available.


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