Five Piece Isabelina Sofa and Chair Set
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Five Piece Isabelina Sofa and Chair Set


19th Century

Mahogany wood, needs reupholstering

Cm 102 high x 167 wide x 70 deep (sofa)

Cm 96 high x 64 wide x 55 deep (armchairs)
Cm 88 high x 50 wide x 50 deep (side chairs)

19th century Spanish Isabelina style "Quintetto" or five-piece sofa and chair set. With carved mahogany wood frames decorated with sections of floral relief, curving arms, cabriole legs and an "a la reine" back with individual seating areas, the set probably dates from the first part of the reign of Isabel II (Queen of Spain from 1833 to 1868), when tastes were more influenced by French styles. The set is upholstered in a neutral fabric, ready to be covered in whatever modern upholstery fits your design scheme. There are cracks in some of the wood furniture, and one of the side chairs needs to be re-sprung. With a small amount of work, these pieces could create a stylish sitting area for chatting at tea time or lounging with after dinner drinks.

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