Louis XVI Style Demilune Chiffonier
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Louis XVI Style Demilune Chiffonier


20th Century (c. 1900)

Geometric marquetry, with ormolu details
Cm 160 high  x  90 wide  x  36 deep

Early 20th century (circa 1900) Louis XVI style demilune / half moon "buffet à deux corps" or "buffet in two parts," closely following a design by François Linke. All wood surfaces are profusely decorated with geometric parquetry inlay patterns in contrasting shades of brown, accented with gold colored ormolu hardware in neoclassical motifs. Both upper and lower sections each have a single standard sliding drawer, and ample storage areas with adjustable shelving behind cabinet doors. Drawers and cabinet doors are lockable, and original key is included. There are four small pivot drawers of interesting design, and the upper section has six open display shelves with perforated brass railing. The top is one piece of rose-colored marble, also surrounded with perforated brass railing.


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