Louis XV Canapé / Sofa Set
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Louis XV Canapé / Sofa Set



18th Century
Original silk upholstery fabric

Cm 98 high x 196 wide x 82 deep (sofa)

Three piece set, late 18th century French Louis XV canapé / sofa / settee with two matching armchairs. The sofa is able to accommodate three sitters. Unique and noteworthy, all three pieces of this set are upholstered in their original gold colored silk fabric, which is woven with a repeating pattern of small flowers and abstract shapes. The wood furniture has a layer of gilt, and is decorated with carved floral elements, and all three pieces stand on cabriole style legs. The gilt wood shows wear in some areas, and there is some minor separation at joints, but the furniture is sturdy and stable. The seats of all three pieces are well-stuffed and firm. The silk upholstery shows some wear, some small stains and could use an overall professional cleaning - though there are no musty, pet or smoky odors present.

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